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Unlocking Funding Success: Harnessing AI for Climate Project Proposals

Workshop Duration:

1 Day

Target Audience:

Climate Funding Application Consultants/Employees (Public and Private Sector)

Workshop Overview: In this intensive one-day workshop, we will dive deep into the transformative power of AI language models for climate project grant writing. You will gain hands-on experience with our AI-enabled web application, Climate Finance Co-pilot (CFC), and learn how to leverage its capabilities to enhance your grant writing efforts. Whether you're a seasoned grant writer, or a novice drafting your first Concept Note, this workshop is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to harness language models to succeed in securing funding for climate projects.

Workshop Objectives:

1. Demystifying AI


Participants will gain an understanding of the core concepts driving AI, and its transformative use in business applications. We'll briefly explore its evolution, and dispel common myths and fears associated with it. Demystifying AI is just the beginning of our transformative journey in this workshop.


2. Understand the Challenges:

Participants will explore the current state of climate project funding and the challenges faced by grant writers. Gain insights into the reasons most developing states are not able to access the climate funding they need, with a focus on local constraints that inhibit the production of high-quality application packages. 

3. Introduction to CFC:

Get acquainted with Climate Finance Co-pilot (CFC) and understand why it was devised and how it can help small teams to break through funding applications barriers. Participants will   also learn how it can streamline the grant writing process, to include its ability to provide feedback and guidance as well as conduct technical evaluations.

4. Hands-On Training:

Dive into practical exercises using CFC in real time to draft and evaluate Concept Notes and proposals. Learn to navigate the tool, input project data, and generate high-quality documents and reports. Participants will learn how to CFC enhances the quality of grant proposals and learn how CFC provides valuable guidance on project structuring and much more. 

5. Workshop Recap and Wrap up:

The final modeled brings all our learnings together in a comprehensive workshop recap and wrap-up. We'll recap the core principles of AI, the practical applications we've explored, how to integrate this technology into business processes for grant writing success.

Real-World Application:

Discuss practical strategies for applying this technology in your specific climate project proposals.

Workshop Format:


  • Interactive presentations based on adult learning principles.

  • Hands-on exercises using Climate Finance Co-pilot

    • Learn to start and complete a project.

    • Learn to manage accounts and projects.

    • Learn how to structure chat prompts.

    • Learn other best practices. 


  • Group discussions and knowledge sharing

  • Q&A sessions with Climate Finance Co-pilot administrators

Workshop Benefits:


  • Immediate Application: Walk away with practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to your ongoing or upcoming funding application packages.


  • Inspiration and Motivation: Leave the workshop inspired and motivated to help your organization streamline and make more efficient its funding application processes.


  • Stay Informed: Stay up to date with the latest trends and advancements in AI technology as it relates to grant writing, positioning yourself as the go-to expert for AI business applications within your organization. 




  • In-depth understanding of how AI enabled business applications can introduce significant efficiencies in climate finance processes.

  • Practical experience using CFC for guidance and quality assurance tasks.

  • Networking contacts for future collaborations


Note: This workshop is designed to be an immersive and practical learning experience. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops for hands-on training with Climate Finance Co-pilot. 

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