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Climate Finance Copilot's Superiority

CFC is designed exclusively for climate finance use cases, whereas online LLMs are generalist tools optimized for search and not specialized in climate finance.


CFC's user interface is customized for ease of use, facilitating iterative drafting and evaluation tasks, and sharing workflow outputs with colleagues. In contrast, online LLMs are optimized for chat and search, lacking the domain-specific features of CFC.


CFC's Climate Rationale tool relies on its own climate science and country ownership databases for its narratives, ensuring accuracy. Online LLMs, relying on open internet data sources, are susceptible to hallucination.


CFC utilizes models with a context window of 128k tokens (approximately 96K words), making it capable of handling lengthy texts like full proposals. Online LLMs have a significantly smaller context window, capped at around 32,000 tokens (approximately 24K words).

Context Window

CFC's carefully engineered and tested prompts ensure precise and accurate outputs. Online LLMs, on the other hand, rely on the user's prompt engineering skills, which can lead to variability in output quality.


CFC workflows provide guidance to assist users in providing the correct information per donor requirements. Online LLMs, not being funder-oriented tools, do not offer such criteria-based guidance.


CFC prompts are continually updated based on new information from funders, ensuring users have access to the latest requirements. Online LLMs, not being grant writing software, do not have a team dedicated to keeping up with funder policy and grading updates.


CFC features an integrated project library, designed for busy grant writers managing multiple projects. Online LLMs lack such libraries, making it more challenging to efficiently store and manage workflows.


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Climate Finance Copilot was created to accelerate your access to climate funding from the global financiers of climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

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