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Climate Funding
Made Easy

Climate Finance Copilot is designed to accelerate your access to climate funding by ensuring your proposals align precisely with the requirements of multinational funders. This web application is driven by AI language models "trained" to ensure your funding applications always get approved.

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The First of its Kind

Janus Advisory was founded on the principle of democratizing climate finance for the Global South as much as for developed countries. We aim to empower climate-vulnerable nations to seamlessly secure climate initiative funding through our streamlined platform, boosting both productivity and efficiency.


Leading our tech innovation is Oliver Barrett, a former Research Fellow and Analyst at the Center for Climate and Security in Washington D.C., and an experienced software planner for the U.S. government. His expertise guides our diverse team of AI engineers, user experience designers, security experts, and developers. Together, they craft user-friendly platforms that blend advanced technology with practical needs, delivering exceptional outcomes.


Our projects are supported by private investors from the Caribbean and the US, who believe in the pivotal role of technology in universal climate finance access. Their investment enables Janus Advisory to pioneer solutions that simplify climate funding processes, making resilience and sustainability achievable for the most affected communities.


Increase Efficiency Across the Entire Project Lifecycle

This breakthrough in advisory support, provides guidance to accelerate the expert crafting of critical narratives such as, climate rationale and theory of change discussions. All with the goal of ensuring that your proposals meet the stringent criteria of multinational funders.


Evaluate a Concept Note

Quickly evaluate a​ll sections of your Concept Note​s against the criteria used by Funders such as the Green Climate Fund. Use the AI generated evaluation to improve your narratives.

Full Proposal Evaluator

Evaluate all the narratives in your proposal against the criteria used by the most stringent funder in the world - the Green Climate Fund.

Climate Rationale Advisor

Many Concept Notes and Proposals get rejected because of "weak" climate rationales. This tool will help you to clearly show that your project addresses real climate risks/impacts.

Draft a Concept Note

This tool provides you a 1st draft of a full Concept Note using the core project information you provide. Will slash the time it takes you to produce a winning Concept Note.

Theory of Change

The number one reason proposals get rejected is that they do not convincingly articulate their respective Theory of Change (ToC). This tool will ensure your ToC is evidence based and compelling.

Project Structuring

This tool will assist and advise you to draft a compelling project plan that you can use to socialize your ideas with potential stakeholders/partners.

Solutions For All Your Funding Needs

Generate Reports

Your reports will be generated and you will have the option to export the reports as a PDF or MS Word document.

Submit Your Entries

Follow the prompts and make your entries. Once complete, submit your work and a final report will be created.

Select a Task You Want to Accomplish

Start by selecting the tool you want to use, and creating a unique name for the project.


In a Few Easy Steps

Climate Finance Copilot is designed to be user-friendly and requires no prior training. Within minutes of signing up, you can start creating or evaluating Concept Note and Proposal narratives for compliance with funders' criteria. Share or print the output when complete or save for future revisions.


The All In One Solution to Create a Winning Proposal

Unlock all our features to create Concept Notes and Proposal narratives that fully address funders' investment criteria. No more uncertainty about the completeness and precision of your narratives, justifiably boosting your confidence that your target funder will support your project.

Why Climate Finance Copilot Outshines Other Language Models

Online Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are generalist models optimized for search and chat, but they fall short in many key areas related to climate finance compared to Climate Finance Copilot (CFC). Learn more on how CFC is superior to online LLMs. 

Unlike CFC, LLMs are not specialized in the climate finance domain, which limits their ability to provide accurate and relevant information in this area. CFC, on the other hand, is specifically designed to address the complex needs of climate finance, making it a more reliable and effective tool for professionals in this field.


While LLMs may be able to provide general information on climate finance, they lack the depth and nuance that CFC offers. CFC's expertise in climate finance is unmatched, and its ability to provide detailed and accurate information makes it an indispensable tool for those working in this field.

In-Depth Knowledge

In contrast to LLMs, CFC is designed to provide actionable insights and practical solutions for climate finance professionals. Its focus on this specific domain allows it to offer a level of expertise and accuracy that is unmatched by generalist LLMs.


CFC's user interface is customized for ease of use, facilitating iterative drafting and evaluation tasks, and sharing workflow outputs with colleagues. In contrast, online LLMs are optimized for chat and search, lacking the domain-specific features of CFC.


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Choose the Plan Thats Right For You


The world’s first climate finance software made for boosting your capacity to win much more climate funding!

Basic (Free)

With climate domain expertise, the AI model used in this plan can quickly and precisely evaluate narratives against funders’ criteria and provide expert guidance.


What you get:

  • Access to our tools: Evaluate a Concept Note, Draft a Concept Note, Project Structuring and Theory of Change
  • Access to our GPT-4 Model
  • 10,000 tokens (approx. 1 Concept Note)
  • Tech Support: Level 3


Capable of processing 4x as many words as the Basic model. This means it can review much longer narratives and is more precise in the guidance provided.

Coming Soon

All Basic features, plus:

  • Access to: Playground
  • Access to our GPT-4 Turbo Model
  • 50,000 tokens (approx. 5 CNs)
  • Tech Support: Level 2


A customized solution for GCF accredited entities
requiring the full range of tools needed to produce
bankable funding packages. All powered by the
most powerful commercial AI model in the world.

Coming Soon

All Premium features, plus:

  • Access to: Full Proposal Evaluator and Climate Rationale Advisor
  • Access to our GPT-4 Turbo Model
  • 500,000 tokens (approx. 10 CNs and 5 FPs) 
  • Up to 5 users
  • Tech Support: Level 1

Pricing that is Tailored to your Needs

In my country, a local government authority can take up to three months to do a technical evaluation of a Concept Note. If we had the Climate Finance tool, we could complete this task in one month - a time savings of 66%.
Click here to read Q&A

Government Climate Grant Writer

(Central America)

It is normal that the drafting of a concept note for major donors like GCF takes several months. Now, after evaluating Climate Finance Co-pilot over the course of several days, I know that we could achieve the same quality in mere days. Click here to read Q&A

Climate Grant Writer


The app produced valuable feedback tailored to the chosen funding agency, instantly pointing out which of its guidelines were sufficiently met and which were not, a task that is usually a lot more time-consuming when done entirely manually.

PhD Researcher


What Our Clients Say

Create Winning Proposals. Start Free.

Get access to all the Climate Finance Copilot features. No credit card required.


For small teams that need to compose winning concept notes and proposals. Ideal for foundations and nonprofits.


Per user, billed monthly

  • Up to 3 users per group account

  • Up to 3 projects supported

  • Concept Note and Proposals: Composition and scoring for # project

  • Supports: GCF and DFC

  • Unlimited revisions

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Coming Soon


Ideal for individuals and entities that desire to test drive our climate finance AI enabled apps.


Get Started
  • 1 user per account

  • 1 project supported

  • Concept Note drafting

  • Supports: GCF

  • Unlimited revisions


Click here to see business case graphic


Ideal for regional/national level teams such as National Ministries responsible for a pipeline of projects.


Per user, billed monthly

  • Up to 6 users per group account ($150/month for each additional user)

  • Up to 15 projects supported

  • Highest performing language model

  • Supports: GCF, GEF, DFC and USAID

  • Unlimited revisions

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Coming Soon

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Climate Finance Copilot was created to accelerate your access to climate funding from the global financiers of climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

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